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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's Official!

It's official!

I'm sick of the pool! Yep. I'm officially sick of it!  There's a tremendous difference between WANTING to do something and HAVING to do something. Right now, I don't have much choice BUT to swim, thanks to my crusty back! Lol

What I like about triathlon is the variety. I get bored quick. As much as I like riding my bike, I wouldn't want to do it everyday. Same goes for running and even lifting weights. With this sport, I can do something different everyday and never get bored. 

But now, all I can really do (training wise)  is swim swim swim, and I'm tired of it. I don't want to hear the word "pool" or any word that sounds like it: drool, stool, cool, duel, tool, old fool, etc etc etc! Lol

And no matter how much I shower, I smell like chlorine! It's like ingrained in my DNA now or something. Chlorine and cologne is NOT a good mix! WTF! 

So here I am. Sick of the pool, but I will keep swimming cuz that's the 1 thing I can do right now to keep ny conditioning up to par.

I think another part of my problem is I really don't like this gym. I don't even consider it a gym. It's more of a social club. Nothing wrong with that, but it's not for me. Here's a pic of me after my swim tonight, getting ready to stretch to loosen up my back:

In life, sometimes you have to do things you really don't want to do, (like go to work everyday) and this is no different. I really don't want to swim (or work) anymore, but I will because it's great exercise for my back, and it's still helping me get ready for this race.

(And I will keep working until I win powerball! Lol)

A positive out of all this is my swimming's getting better. My stroke feels really good and I feel a tad faster. And most importantly, my back feels better every day. I have more stiffness than pain now, buy even that's improving. Last week the only way I could touch my toes was with somebody elses fingers, but now, I can touch my toes no problem. I'm at about 90% flexibility.

At this point, the swim will be my best performance of the 3 come race day. But that's not saying too much, seeing how my nickname is  The Black Turtle!  

But it's ok, cuz I'm going with the flow. Getting upset or stressing won't do me any good. If anything that may cause a lapse in concentration and cause another injury.

So I will keep swimming and stay focused on my goal, which #1 is to rehab my back, and a  distant 2nd is to get ready for my race. Even though I think I'll be at the start line, if I'm not up to it, I'll sit this race out. I refuse to do any permanent damage to myself. Besides, there's another half ironman in October that I have my eye on anyway, so it's all good.

So for the time being, this gym aka      SEAWORLD will be my 2nd home until I can ride outside and/or run;

Tomorrow I will come home and ride my indoor trainer. Saturday I will walk outside and maybe do a light jog for a couple minutes to see how I feel. If I feel any pain I'll just walk. Nothing wrong with walking.

I've never been in this situation before and the unknown of it all is quite interesting.  I have no idea what will happen come 5-16, but I know if I do make the starting line, I'm determined to have fun. I'm sure I'll be closer to last place than 1st place, but I don't even care. Crossing this finishing line will be reward enough!

Thanks for reading! Till next time, peace! 

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