Florida Challenge Triathlon Countdown Clock

Monday, January 3, 2011

Decisions Decisions!

Well, 2011 is here, and that means it's time to look at the triathlons I'm going to race in this season. Last year was the 1st time I raced two half ironman races in the same season and it wasn't bad. It was quite an experience to start training hard earlier in the year and keep it going all summer, but all in all it was fun. Besides, I like a challenge anyway! lol

I've also discovered I prefer the longer races. The sprint triathlons are good, but seeing how they "only" last an hour they're too short. It seems by the time I get into a groove it's over! The longer races are just more fulfilling for me.

This year, I'll only be able to compete in 1 half ironman and maybe a couple sprints, because I'll be quite busy and that's fine. But the problem I have is which half??

Ironman Florida is in May and the Florida Challenge is USUALLY in September, but they flipped the script on me this year: Ironman Florida is May 15th, 2011, and the Florida Challenge has been moved to JUNE 12th, 2011!


That's a major problem. There's no way I could do both, because it takes me time to recover. Soooo, which race do I do?? Decisions decisions...

Ironman Florida has the prestige & the glitz and glamour. All you have to do is SAY the word ironman and some people's eyes glaze over...lol Then there's a lot of hoopla at the race itself: tv coverage, pro athletes everywhere, chance to qualify for the World Championships, etc. etc. etc. I did this race for the 1st time last season & had a great race!

Then there's the Florida Challenge: The race I've been doing for the past several years. I keep coming back because I love the hometown feel to it. (Except for this past race. They really p!ssed me off!) But before that, it was a great experience.

Both races are good, but the Florida Challenge is MUCH harder because it has a lot of rolling hills on the bike course. Ironman Florida is pretty flat from start to finish. I don't get the same feeling of accomplishment when crossing that finish line, even though no ironman is easy!

Then there's the training aspect. It takes me months to get ready for those hills. MONTHS. Will I have enough time to train for that race if I commit to it now which I don't mind doing cuz 'm ready to get back on it? I'm not sure, because the personal training biz has picked up quite a bit.

What to do what to do...

I'll have to make my decision pretty soon because registration closes quickly for these races. No way I can procrastinate and be too late to register for both races! Not a good look! lol I really don't know what starting line I'll be on, but I'll be on 1 of them!

Maybe I'll wake up at 3am with an epiphany! I'll have my answer by this time next week, and I'll be fully committed to that decision. No turning back & no second guessing!

Place you bets as to which race I do, cuz as of now I have no clue! lol

Thanks for reading! Till next tme, peace!