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Thursday, April 1, 2010

3 Out of 4

3 Out of 4

Even though I haven't been swimming this week, I've been quite busy:
Monday: I took the night off
Tuesday: 60 min on the treadmill 
Wednesday: 60 min  on the indoor trainer 
Thursday: weights

My shoulder feels fine. Taking the week off from the pool was good for me. I think I could've swam this week, but I'll wait till next week. No need to rush back when I have other sports to occupy my time...

My workout on the treadmill was identical to my treadmill workout a couple weeks ago, except I ran at 7.5 instead of 7.0. I was able to run at that pace for 40 minutes. It wasn't easy, but I did it. And the best part? No knee pain!!!

My workout on the indoor trainer was quite intense. I did an interval. Since the bike course is hilly, I have to really make sure I get some quality bike rides in. I can't ride hills as often as I'd like, so intervals are the next best thing.

Intervals are training sessions with short bursts of high intensity speedwork. This type of training is really good for burning fat, but that's not my goal. My goal is to build my power and endurance on the bike.

Here's a pic of me riding my indoor trainer on Wednesday:

The pic is blurry cuz I was trying to ride like someone was chasing me!  lol

My interval training routine is as follows:

15 minute warmup ez pace
10 minutes at 85-90 rpm's
At 25 minutes I start the interval:

Go up 1 gear and ride all out for 15 seconds
Go down 1 gear and ride ez for 45 seconds 

After the 45 seconds, I Go up 1 gear and ride all out for 30 seconds
Down a gear and ride ez for 30 seconds

After the 30 seconds I Go up a gear and ride all out for 45 seconds
Down a gear for 15 at ez pace

After the 15 seconds I ride as hard as I can for 15 seconds.

Ride ez for 5 minutes and do it again.

After the 2nd interval I ride for about 25 more minutes at 85-95 rpm's.  

By the end of the workout i'm DEAD. This type of workout is intense and high energy. It's a great training tool because you don't have to worry about anything that could disrupt your ride. No cars, rollerbladers, wind, etc. It's going all out, hard as you can for as long as you can with no distractions.

I feel pretty good about my cycling. I think my endurance is good and I'll be able to finish the bike in 1 piece. That's cool, but I'm still going to push it and try to get better. I really want to take it to the next level, and the only way is to push it as hard as I can.

I'm still a tad concerned about my bike and run though. This weekend I'll go for a 10 mile run. Next week I'll be back at the pool working on my stroke and my conditioning. Time is really flying, but instead of stressing about it, I'm gonna enjoy the journey!

Thanks for reading! Till next time, peace!

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