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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Butterflies at Flatwoods

Butterflies at Flatwoods

My race is 2 weeks from tomorrow and I'm in serious need of some quality training time. The problem is my back is still stiff and sore. It's much better than it was this time last week thanks to the meds, the yoga, and the swimming.

I started riding my indoor trainer this past week and so far so good. I'd ride at an ez pace just to see how my back would respond, then finish it off with some stretches.

The week before a race I like to cut back drastically on my training. I want to make sure I'm well rested physically and mentally.  This isn't like college where you have an all night cram session the day before. Usually, you're ready to race at least 2 weeks before. 

The problem is this time I'm not really ready, and I'm not going to do any major training after this week. 

I only have so many days left to get ready for this race so I need to train a bit outside and see what I can do.  So today I decided to try my luck and ride at Flatwoods. 

Hence the butterflies.

To say I was nervous would be an understatement. I'm feeling better, but riding an indoor trainer for an hour is nothing compared to riding outside for 3. I wasn't sure how far I'd ride today. Just wanted to see what I could do.

I started my ride feeling pretty good. I could feel the stiffness in my back, but it was tolerable because I'm not bending and twisting.  

My plan was to ride at an ez tempo today, but that "on your left" syndrome started to kick in, and the next thing I know, I'm down on my aerobars hammering! Lol

When I rode the indoor trainer this week, I didn't get in the aero position. I was strictly riding to rehab and stretch my back. I wasn't sure if I could ride in that position for any period if time.

I rode the first 7 miles in 23 minutes and felt pretty good. My back was stiff, but I could keep riding at a high intensity.  Every couple miles or so I'd stand up and pedal to loosen up my back.

I felt pretty good, but decided to slow it down a bit and ride at a good tempo after 21 miles. I stayed in the aero position, but didn't try catch anyone. 

As time went on, my back felt stiffer and stiffer, but not necessarily in pain. My legs felt stronger than I anticipated but  I'd still stand and ride every few minutes to loosen my back. 

All in all, I rode 42 miles in 2 hours, 33 minutes, which aint bad, all things considered. When I got off the bike my back was pretty stiff and I couldn't run at all. I was able to walk no prob, so I walked for 30 minutes to loosen it up, 

followed up with another 30 minutes of yoga on my Chicago Bulls "yoga mat:"


By the time I got home today I felt fine. My back wasn't as stiff and I honestly felt pretty good. With that said, I'm still not ready to run yet. If the race were today I wouldve had to walk at least 12 of the 13.1 miles. That's a 4 hour walk!!!!  Luckily I have 2 weeks to get better and I think I will. 

So my swim is fine. My bike is ok, but riding for an extended period of time causes it to stiffen up. If my back is still stiff on the run there's nothing I can do but just walk it out.  Hopefully in 2 weeks the stiffness will be about gone.

So now, (like in most triathlons,) it all comes down to the run. I'm not ready to run yet, but maybe sometime this week I'll be able to get a small run in. In the meantime, I will start a walking program tomorrow  on the treadmill. This week is pretty much the last week I can get any quality training in, so I hope this Saturday I'll be able to run outside. Time will tell!

It's slowly coming together for me. Very slowly! Lol Normally I have a gameplan all figured out by now and have a good feel for my training, but this time it's going to come down to the wire.

I WILL cross the finish line, but will I do it running or walking? Who knows? Lol

Thanks for reading! Till next time, peace!   


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