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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Back to Bayshore!

Time sure is flying! Never mind the fact that I BARELY remember my 30's, lol but it's already MARCH! WTH! That means even though my race is in June, it'll be here before I know it. That means I gotta get serious about my training!

Getting ready for a race isn't like cramming for a test in college. In college you could stay up all night the night before, stuffing your brain with crap you'll forget 5 minutes after the test. Can't do that with racing. It takes MONTHS to prepare. It seems like every day counts when getting ready for a race. The reason being is it takes time for your body to recover from hard training sessions, and it takes time for your body to adapt and be able to handle harder & harder workouts.

I've noticed that it takes my body a little longer to recover between workouts now too. Thru (often times painful) trial and error over the years, I've discovered the fine line between training really hard and not going over that line and over-training and hurting myself. I know when to take a day off from training now and not feel guilty about it. My body tells me what it can & can't handle, & I listen! lol I also know how to stay in decent shape in the offseason, so when it's time to hit it hard, my body doesn't go into shock. lol With that said, it was time for my first "real" run of the year, and that meant going back to Bayshore.

I don't hide my preference for running outside over the treadmill. I find it easier to run from point "A" to point "B" as opposed to staring at a digital readout on the treadmill. But even with that said, the treadmill has been a lifesaver for me because of sight knee problems. If I didn't have a treadmill, I know for a fact that my knees would've been shot years ago & I wouldn't be able to run at all...

So even though I don't run outside as much as I used to, I still love it, and I make those runs count by going to 1 of my favorite places to run:

Bayshore runs alongside Tampa Bay, and the running path is uniterrupted for 3.5miles. No streets to cross or anything. Perfect for runners, bikers, and rollebladers! I always carry water with me on my runs, because it can get really hot here in Florida, and the last thing you want is to have a problem and be stranded with no water:

I had been looking forward to this run with nervous anticipation all week, and was really curious to see what type of condition I was in, and how my new shoes would hold up. Here's a quick video I took before starting the run:

In high school,I was running quick 6 minute miles. 20 years and 40 pounds later, I can run 7 minute miles for a little while if it were a life & death situation, lol but now I'm cruising between 8-9 minute miles when I'm at my best. Today, I wasn't at my best. This was a fact finding run. I'm simply trying to build up my conditioning, while saving my knees. That means running on the grass, which also means running a little slower:

I'm competitive, but not to the point I want to be the fastest person on Bayshore. I'll save that for the actual races. No need for me to try set a Bayshore record today, only to be limping for the next 3-4! (I guess that makes me a part time competitor?) lol With that said, it's all about the "home run trot" today. Ever see someone hit a home run & causally jog around the bases? That's how I was jogging today. Not a care in the world, just chillin! lol

The cloud cover & breeze made for a great run. I worked up a good sweat but didn't overheat or get too uncomfortable. At the halfway point of my run (about 35 minutes in)- I start the slow jog back:

I was hoping to see some dolphins today, but no such luck. Just water as grey as the skies:

I'm not complaining though, cuz it was still a great day! I ended up finishing my 7 miles in about 70 minutes, with a 15 minute walk cooldown. It was a good first run back, but I still have a lot of work to do. Running on grass is harder for me, cuz I feel it slows me down. But that's no excuse because I couldn't have run much faster on the concrete anyway! LOL Luckily I have time to get things in order! Here's a quick vid I took after the run:

Like I said before, cramming for a big race is impossible. It takes time to prepare mentally & physically for the big day. I'm not ready to race for 7 hours YET, but that's where my training & even writing this blog come in. It's all helping me get my mind right so when they day does arrive, I'll be ready to go.

Also, even though today's run was a tad slow & a tad tougher than I would've liked, mentally it's a victory because I know I can still run 7 miles. So next time I run I'll have that confidence in knowing not only can I make it, and I might want to increase my pace on mile 5 or 6 if I want. If it gets too tough, I can simply slow down. That's why you train: To see what you can & can't do!

After I kicked my feet up, ate my Clif Bar and relaxed for a few,

It was time to head home and eat. I ate an apple on the way home and then a meal of baked fish, yellow rice, mixed veggies, and 100% cranberry & apple juice blend.

A href="http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c268/trimaster/9c29ac37.jpg">

My triathlon training is now in full swing! The fire has been lit like the Olympic Torch I'm ready now to really hit it hard! Who knows what this year's journey will hold? I don't know, but I'm ready to find out! Thanks for reading! Till next time, peace! :)

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