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Monday, March 8, 2010

Sea World

Sea World

Tonight I hit the pool to do some laps. I call it Seaworld because of the setup:

You can watch people workout, and they can watch you swim! Lol


Taking last week off was a good look for me. I  went to bed at a decent hour last night had plenty energy for my swim session.

I bought new goggles over the weekend because my old ones aggravate my skin:

Why 2 pair? Simple: if I were to lose one, or even worse, snap on me while I'm swimming or at a race I'd be screwed!!!

My swim tonight was the same routine that I've been doing for the past month:

 warm up with breast stroke for 5 minutes; 
25 minutes of forward crawl;
 1 arm drills for a couple hundred yards; 
Breast stroke for 5 minutes; 
more forward crawl for 10 minutes
Breast stroke cooldown

Total workout approximately 1 hour

It took me a minute to get my goggles the way I wanted, but once I did I was good to go.

I'm still working on my endurance. Come race day, my primary goal is to finish the 1.2 mile swim using the least amount if energy, but still going fast enough to be competitive, or at the very least not ve left too far behind.

 I want to finish anywhere from 35 to 45 minutes.  The plan is to make my workouts  longer (and harder) than my actual race swim, so that way I won't be as tired when I start the bike.  
The only way to do that is to swim laps. Over and over. Truth be told, swimming in a pool is boring!! All you got is a line at the bottom of the pool to look at, and make sure you don't crash into the wall! Lol 

After a couple minutes of swimming endless laps, your mind starts thinking about all types of crazy stuff:

What am I eating for dinner?

"fresh out the jet to the 'jects where the cheese at? What you know about that? I know all about that!" Damn, I STILL like that song!

Damn that mofo swims fast!

These are some nice goggles

Them mofos been over there talkin for 20 minutes. Are they here to workout or hangout? Is this a heslthclub or a nightclub,??

Damn. Feels like I'm at Sea World, all these people walking by, watching us swim. Look! A black turtle! Lol

I work with some crazy mofos! 

Like I said, your mind can really wander when you do laps...lol

But all in all, I like to swim. It's a great full body workout, and it's great for helping me recover from the other sports because there's no stress on my joints.

 I have 8 weeks left before the race. I think that's plenty time to get my swim where I want it. The 1 arm drills are really helping me even out my stroke. My left arm is still weaker than my right, but it's getting better.

I don't expect big improvements overnight, but I do see some progress which is great. Next month I will add another swim workout per week to make sure I'm ready. I REFUSE to be the last person out the water!! Lol

Tomorrow I hit the weights. I'll go light tomorrow because my shoulders got a really good workout tonight.

Time for bed now.

Thanks for reading! Till next time, peace!    

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