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Monday, March 15, 2010

Attitude Adjustment

Attitude Adjustment

Monday's suck! They gotta be the worst day of the week, well for me at least. Today was extra bad:

Daylight Savings Time (lost an hour of sleep)
Half of my department was out today, so I had to do work I don't normally do.

The whole day was just "off." I got nothing accomplished at work and was just spinning my wheels.

When I got off work and head to the gym,  I'm still wound up, but I'm  trying to calm down.  I get to the gym and get mentally prepared to swim, but I see this guy walking back & forth in the locker room wearing just a towel. 

I try not to pay him any mind, but after the 4th time he walks by I start to get aggravated. Very aggravated! I'm already in a bad mood, i dont ecen LIKE this gym and this mofo ain't helpin me none.

I'm thinking: "WTF! They got gay security guards in here now?? Go sit your a** down somewhere!!"

I apolgize if I offended anybody, but I'm just keeping it real. I'm not politically correct. I'm just writing a blog, not running for the Senate...lol
Turns out somebody stole dude's stuff! He put his clothes on a locker and did NOT lock it. I thought people stopped doing that in the '80's, but I guess not.

What does all this have to do with my training? Everything: The mental aspect of training is just as important as the physical. If your mind isn't on your workout you can have a lackluster workout, or even worse, injure yourself. 

So I hit the pool still wound up from the day, and now I'm thinking about how they are stealing stuff in the locker room. I'm glad I have a lock, but it's  still unsettling...

Needless to say, my swim started out VERY badly. My arms felt heavy, like I was holding 5 pound weights in each hand.  I was tired much quicker than normal, and I  really struggled. 

On a positive note, I let my mind wander as I swam (like I always do) after about 25 minutes of doing laps. What I realized is I was upset over things I gave no control over. I wasted an entire day in a bad mood for nothing. Absolutely nothing. 

All that negativity is just wasted energy. It drains you and clouds your judgement. If I was in my right mind, I might have noticed that dude in the locker room was in straight panic mode.  But all I could think about was some bs that really meant nothing in the grand scheme of things...

When I finished my swim he was gone. Don't know how that story ended, but the moral of that story is to lock yo s*#! 

I completed my entire hour long workout on a positive note. I ended up finishing strong and felt good when I was done. 

I have to remember to stop sweating the small stuff, and letting things I can't control bother me. Just another benefit of working out. It helps me clear my mind and get all that stress off me.

Tomorrow's a new day, and it will be a good day. I guarantee it! 

Thanks for reading! Till next time, peace!


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