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Saturday, February 27, 2010

2 for the Price of One!

I woke up this morning to a cold, 40 degree, miserable, rainy, dreary day. Sunny Florida my a**! lol 

My plan was to either go for a run or ride the bike, but since it was so bad out I decided to workout indoors.

One aspect of this sport is I like exercising outdoors in the fresh air. It's therapeutic for me to just be outside. I get restless if I'm cooped up in the house too long. But some days you have to just stay in. 

With that said, if I have to train indoors, I need the equipment to do so if I don't feel like going to the gym.  I have weights, a treadmill, and my prized training posession:

The reaction from most people is "wth is that??" lol. People don't get it until they see it in use:

It's not the prettiest piece of equipment, but it sure is effective! Lol

Being able to attach my road bike to the indoor trainer is the best piece of equipment I have. I can ride all out without having to worry about cars, bad weather, stop lights, etc. I can just   put my head down and go! 

So today I decided to get 2 workouts for the price of one: 60 minutes on the indoor trainer followed immediately by 60 minutes on the treadmill.

Saturdays are my long training days, and bad weather won't stop me from getting good workouts in! My goal was to train at a moderate intensity today: not too easy, not too hard. But no matter how intense the workout, 2 hours is still 2 hours! Lol

Biking is my fav discipline of the 3 sports, and I have really worked hard at it. The key to being a fast rider is to  "spin." That basically means pedaling at a fast rpm using the least amount of energy, all while using the biggest gear you can handle.  When i ride my indoor trainer, I try ride for 95-100 revolutions per minute.

So today I rode for 60 minutes, rolling along right at my goal range. I wasn't tired, but didn't push it either, cuz I knew I'd run too.

After my run, I immediatly went downstairs and ate a Clif Bar, swallowed an electrolyte pill, and refilled my water and Gatorade bottles.

I started out walking the 1st 5 minutes at a speed of 2 just to see how my legs felt. After 5 minutes I moved it up to 3 so I could walk faster. At 10 minutes I put it to 5 and started running. 

I must admit I was feeling tired at this point. Training takes a lot out of you when you factor in everyday life activities. 

I jogged along at 5 for another 30 minutes, then decided to bump it up to 6. I was pretty tired, but the music videos I was watching kept me upbeat. (I'm really feeling that new Jay-Z track with Swizz Beatz:)

   I got a million ways to get it, choose one
Bring it back, bring it back
Now double your money and make a stack

I'm on to the next one, on to the next
I'm on to the next one, on to the next
I'm on to the next one, on to the next
I'm on to the next one, on to the next

Then they played Luda:

Move, *#!! get out the way! Get out the way #*!! get out the way!

Now after hearing these 2 songs back to back I was hyped! Lol

I shut it down at 45 minutes today and started walking. I originally wanted to run for 50 minutes, but decided to shut it down earlier. I walked the remaining 15 minutes gradually slowing it down from speed 3 to speed 2. 

I finished up with 10 minutes of yoga, a shower, and a 6 inch turkey sandwich from Subway.

All in all, it was a GREAT workout. I'm happy with it, but as I write this I am exhausted. I'm not sure if I'm getting enough sleep, if it's allergies or what, but I'm not feeling good right now. 

I'm sure after a good night's sleep I'll feel much better.

Tomorrow I will stay home and watch the Olympics and the NFL combine on the NFL network. No training for me tomorrow.  Watching athletes of any sport inspires me to get out and train harder! Lol

Monday I hope to hit the pool. If i feel like this on Monday there's no way I'm swimming. We'll just take it day by day.

Thanks for reading! Till next time, Peace!

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