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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hard Core!

My season has been over for about 6 weeks now.  After taking a couple weeks off I was back to working out.  Not training, working out.  Thre's a BIG difference between the 2. Working out is just exercising just because. Training is getting ready for a specific event. It's a lot more focused and specific.

For some athletes, there's a lull after the season is over and a brief period of depression.  They work so hard and for so long to achieve a goal that they have this huge void in their life when it's all over...

I USED to go thru that, but not anymore.  The key in life is to always have something to strive for, something to look forward too.  I never liked it when I hear people who ALWAYS talk about what they USED to do years ago but never what's going on in the present.  What about now??  Wht you got lined up for the future?

Anyway, it was VERY easy to move on after this season.  My last race turned out to be anti-climactic.  Partly because it wasn't set up very well.  6 weeks later and we still don't have our medals.  At this point, I don't even WANT the medal, because the race is in my past and it's fun getting it when you cross the line and your emotions are high, NOT weeks later.  I'm still very happy I was able to finish the race and that's the most important thing and won't forget that, but I won't dwell on it.   I'm TRYING to move on, but this is the blurb on the Florida Challenge website:

Medals & T-Shirts Update 

If you did not receive a Medal or T-Shirt after you finished, our T-Shirt vendor is shipping them directly to you on the week of October 4th. If you have not received your shirt, please let us know via email. We had a manufacturing problem with the medals, and they are being re-made. We will be shipping the medals out by  Mid-November.

Blah, blah, blah. Give m a break!  Just say you don't have them and stfu!  

Enough of that.  I spent too much time on that topic. With the season over, I'm still focused on staying in shape.  Instead of the endurance aspect of it, I'm working on my strength & core.  I'm back to lifting weights a little heavier than I was during training now becaue this is my primary focus.  I feel like 2 different people:  a weightlifter in the winner & an endurance athlete in the summer!  lol

My routine stays pretty much the same, except I use heavier weight now.  I still swim, bike, and run, but I cut back a bit on the mileage & intensity.  It's primarily a cardio thing to support my lifting.  

So I cut back on triahlon stuff, but I really pick up the pace on the yoga and working my core.  The yoga is GREAT for me.  I know many people don't like it, but they really should give it a try.  I was telling some co-workers about it, and we started doing little 5 minute yoga routines every morning with me leading the "class."  There are about 10 of us, and 6 regulars.  We've been doing it for 2 months now and they're still going strong!  lol

Not only do I take my yoga to the next level, but I've really started focusing on my core.  I've done a lot of research on core workouts and the core in general and know this is an aspect of my training that I can improve on.  The core is probably the most important part of your body because it's your center.  Without a strong core, a person will have back problems and their athletic performance can suffer.  Everything we do starts with our core.  Every movement takes some type of core muscles.  Even laughing and talking trash! lol

I always did basic ab exercises like crunches & leg raises, but now I'm trying new exercises and routines that hit my core from all angles.  Here's a routine I did last night.  I do these (and other exercises before & after my weight training sessions.  Takes about 15 minutes:

Bicycle: 50 reps These work your side abs, uppers and lower abs.

V-Up 20 reps My legs should be straighter, but obviously they are NOT...lol These work your upper & lower abs

Plank with leg raises 15 reps Great stabalizing exercise.

(my back should be straight.  I need to work on that!)
I increase the time held up with each rep.  at the 5th rep I hold my leg up for 5 second, 10th rep, 10 seconds, 15th rep 15 seconds

Side splitter 10 reps
That's not the official name of this exercise, but when you bring your legs down to the side, it feels like your side is about to rip!!   These are VERY hard. It'll be a while before i ca get the hang of these.

Power Boat w/twist 20 reps

Kinda hard to see on these pics, but  my feet are off the ground, and I'm trying to keep my balance as I touch the ground to my left, then my right with my hands. The movement is slow & controlled. No momentum is used.  These work your lower & side abs and BURN!!

30 reps, 15 each hand while holding 5-8 pounds
Not sure what you call this, but I saw this in a mag & thought it was pretty cool. 

I do others also when I'm at the gym because they have the equipment, but these are my personal favs and can do them anywhere.  

I honestly haven't seen any appearance changes in my abs.  (I still have a sold 4 pack.)   I haven't had a 6 pack since the 80's and I doubt I get one now!  lol  Not many guys in their 40's who have an addiction to Double Quarter Pounders, peanut M&M's, Reesie Cups, Long island iced teas and chocolate cake have 6 packs! lol

Hey, I'm just keeping it real...lol

With that said, I will TRY watch what I eat!  But at the same time, I WILL put in some serious core work this winter!

We'll see how it goes!  

Thanks for reading!  Till next time, Peace!


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  1. Hey Tri', I think that's great Yoga I know the benefits of Yoga in our lives and I like how you discuss the Core. Keep up the excellent work and inspiration to all!