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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Calm Before the Storm!

Calm Before the Storm!

Well, it's finally here: Race Day! I'm registered and ready!

This will be a "quick" blog cuz I have to get up at 5am for the 7am race start...

Not only that, but blogspot changed their format and I don't have time to figure it all out...

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. I'm nervous before every race and that's normal. I've done everything I can to get ready, but the question ALL athletes in all sports ask themselves "did I do enough to prepare???"

At this point, there's nothing else to do but come up with a strategy for the race. 

Even though triathlons are considered one race, I break it down to MANY small races.  That helps me deal with the magnitude of the event.

For example, I won't even think about the bike or run for 98% of the swim. My main goal tomorrow is to get from buoy to buoy in a straight line, using the least amount of energy, without bumping into (or getting ran over) by other swimmers.

I imagine the swim will take about 45 minutes, and near the end of the swim I'll go thru a mental checklist of what I have to do once I get to my bike. 

I won't have to change clothes because I'm wearing another 1 piece tri-suit:

When I hit the transition, I will grab some of my Clif Bars, Gu, and electrolytes and start the ride.

I will ride this course very defensively because of the hills. I'm still not very comfortable riding hills.  

I will simply on an hourly basis. I estimate it'll take 3.5 hours to finish the ride, so that's how I'll look at it: "2 hours to go... "1 more hour to ride..,"

That will work for me!

It's supposed to rain tomorrow, and that means cloud cover. Cloud cover means it may not be as hot, which is perfect for me! Lol

The heat totally drains me, so this will play in my favor.

As far as the run, I will run at my home run trot and pace myself all the way to the finish line.

In past races, I was able to run comfortably the first 7 miles, but then struggled the last 6.  At that point, I will just get from 1 aid station to the next, which are at each mile marker.

I'm hoping with the cloud cover and proper food intake I'll be able to finish strong!

My goal is to finish the total race in 7 hours or less.  But it really don't matter long as I finish!

I was looking at the Final Instructions  on the official website and this is what they said:

"FINISHER MEDALS: All finishers will receive a commemorative medallion. Our medals are currently tied up in customs and may not arrive in time for the race. If that is the case, medals will be mailed to all finishers.  Long Course finishers will also receive a Finisher T-shirt."

What kind of crap is that????  This race had been going on for the last 26 years. Who screwed this up???

Getting a medal when crossing the line is 1 of the highlights of the event. I don't give a damn about the shirt, I want my medal! Lol

Oh well, medal or no medal, I'm crossing that line!

Thanks for reading, till next time, peace!

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